The Secret Sauce to Venue Marketing from The Experts

Effective marketing strategies are integral in attracting event planners and bookings on a regular basis. Thanks to festivals like ACL & SxSW, and Austin’s exploding population, and popularity as a destination wedding city, new venues are constantly being add to the cityscape.

We asked our expert panelists to share strategies and best practices on how to break through the noise, reach their target audience and market their venues. Here is their ‘secret sauce’ for successful venue marketing:

Mary_Murphy_Quote“Consistency… we live in a super saturated market. We are getting messages from every platform, to the point where you don’t even realize it anymore and find yourself mindless scrolling. … You have to consistently post because if you are not you are far behind. The more that they [potential clients] see your name, the more that familiarity brings trust.”

Mary also had some thoughts when it comes to the content you should put in front of people, “Videos and interactive photos of your space are key. Potential clients want to see as much of the venue as possible before they commit. You need so many photos that it is almost uncomfortable.”


Vanna’s secret sauce? “Serve, serve, serve. I look for ways to serve my clients, even before they are my clients…by providing free content and advice and offering them tips before they [clients] book me. It is also a great way to capture leads.”

The panelists consistently mentioned Instagram as one of their go to platforms, being that venue marketing and events are a visual product/service. All agreed when used correctly, Instagram, is key to attracting the right clients, but Vanna still consistently uses Pinterest.  Not so much for the content but because “…Brides are on Pinterest, there is no doubt about it… they could be 40 or 20 they are using Pinterest. The key is to connect Pinterest to your blog post, bringing those potential clients back to your site.” While the content on Pinterest isn’t always fresh, when used correctly it can turn into a lead generation gold mine!

Hayley_Swindel_QuoteThe Refinery launched with over 1,000 followers and a ‘nonexistent’ marketing budget. Hayley’s secret?  “The power of Instagram is everything for us. If you can curate this amazing beautiful visual content, especially if you don’t have a marketing budget to spend on things like advertising, it is a huge boost. We try to do a really good job at meticulously curating our Instagram so that is a huge resource, and it has worked out for us.”

But The Refinery’s true ‘secret sauce’ – “Smart collaborations, being very genuine with those collaborations, and giving all the love we can. In turn, those collabs turn in to great friends, and then referrals happen… it is all very organic. I just like to meet people and make friends and collaborate… that has been really good for us.”

We loved what Claire with Best Practice Media had to say about the great hashtag debate!


“I put them in the second column after five little dots. But the important thing to be aware of is not to use the same 30 hashtags continuously- that will get you shadowbanned on Instagram. Which is this scary thing where they don’t shut down your account but lessen your reach…. So be authentic and specific with your hashtags, make sure they are applicable to your product/service.”

Claire also followed up Vanna’s point about Pinterest saying, “The cool thing about Pinterest is pins are evergreen. If the pin is compelling it will be repined and repined, unlike other platforms where the life of a pin is short sometimes not even a whole day.”


Anyone else rethinking their social media plans? These experts had so much to say. We are excited to start applying their tips to support our in-network venues.

Want more? Click on over to our Facebook Live video from the panel for additional content and all of the social media tips and trickss you need to begin marketing your venue.

Oh, and we did have a little fun in our photobooth for the day… work hard and party on, marketing mavens.

xo- The EventSpace Team

Quick shout out to all our partners who collaborated on this Launch Series Popup #2: Let’s Talk Venue Marketing:  Venue: The Refinery Lunch: Lucky Lime Photo Booth: MYEVENTISTHEBOMB Sips: Waterloo Sparkling Water Staffing: Brand Besties Moments captured by: Gypc Girl Photography, Aubre Salas

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